Tuesday, January 24, 2012

"Lots of Water...."

So it has been raining here for about four days straight now and it is very wet.... but not too muddy which is good because mud just makes everything worse. But also on the topic of water... We had another baptism! So awesome. His name is Vanderlan and he is 15 years old and just dope. I can´t express to you how much I love the youth here. They are so rad. They all have super strong testimonies and are always super willing to come out on splits with us. They give us tons of referrals too, which is my favorite way to work, but they don´t just give us names, they give us investigators. I swear every referral we have received from them is just as solid as can be. I think it is because the youth in this branch just set such a good example and make the Church look awesome that all their friends want to join it. Teaching and finding by example... who would have thought that that would be a good way to do missionary work... NEAT!! 

One of my favorite people here is the man we baptized last week. His name is Anderson and he is 22. He is just this chill, relaxed, awesome guy that really is trying to do what is right. He said he joined the Church because he wants to learn how to be a better example for his family. He has a sister, a brother, and a less-active dad in his family. He is already making some amazing changes in his life style and has been to every church activity we have had since we baptized him. And last night we were talking with him and he told us he wants to serve a mission really bad but he doesn´t have the money to do it. So we are going to try and involve him as much as we can after he gets the priesthood. Ah! He is so rad!!!!

We also had a little dance/party in the church on Friday and it was great. It was hard for me to just sit back and not go out and bust it on the dance floor but I held myself back... Barely. I may have made Elder Shokes dance too... Oops... Hahaha. But it was actually really fun to sit back and watch because it made me think about all the times I went to stuff like that. Sooo fun. I just laughed to myself because of how everyone is trying not to act awkward even though everyone is and the funny awkward partner dancing.. Hahaha oh the memories :) It was different though because the dancing here is a lot more partner focused and it was just cool to watch the different dance styles they have here in BRASIL! All in all... this week was awesome, my mission is just... awesome.

We are super super busy here though. We have a lot of less-active/in-active people we are trying to work with because this branch is seriously on the brink of ward-dom and we really want to see it happen. So with a lot of LA work and a lot of investigators we are usually just running around the whole day trying to get a hold of everyone. Then at night we are just absolutely beat. I think I get what Ian said when he asked on Christmas about the schedule, I am dying for 10:30 every day now hahaha. I am sorry I didn´t and won´t send pics this time... the computer is just too slow. But when we have a week where not too much happened I will just spend the time sending pictures yeah? Deal? I love you.

I hope hope everything with the relatives is going well and I will continue to keep them in my prayers. I just think it is funny how Grandma doesn´t wanna go to the assisted living.... It reminds of how Gordon B. Hinkley used to "walk" with his walking stick. Hahaha I am sorry if this e-mail seems short but things are kinda rushed today. I love you all so so so much and I hope things don´t get too wild this week. Ryley sounds like she is just busy as ever... big surprise there! Well in case you all were wondering... this church is super true and I love you :) Stay sweet.....

Elder Big Deal

P.S. For Danger: I lost all my money because it turns out Oregon and MaceiĆ³ were both giving me money every month and when they went to take out the Oregon money they ended up having to take everything out because of inflation and exchange rates... Not cool. But things are all good now. :

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