Monday, October 22, 2012

"Already Gone...."

Hello family!!

So to just get started with the news quick, Elder McCloskey is getting transferred....I am pretty bummed about it because we legit got along so well and probably had the funniest two weeks since I have been here in Brasil. He taught me a lot about the importance of obedience as a ZL and a lot about the area Boa Vista. The people really are going to miss him here and I hope I can create the same type of relationship with them and we can keep growing together. I get my new comp tomorrow so you guys have to wait one more week to find out who he is.

I already love this place though. It is not SUPER dangerous, but we have the most dangerous neighborhood in Brasil in our Zone so that is pretty neat. Mom this is one of the reasons I haven´t gotten that pic yet, just because I don´t like walking around with my camera. I will get it this week though for sure. Speaking of being in Brasil, this Thursday I will have 1 year here!! Crazy I know. I can´t believe how fast it has gone by and it still feels like I am new here for some reason. Yeah I have the language down and all that stuff, but I just still feel.... young hahaha.

Really not too much out of the norm happened here this week. We just did tons and tons of finding because their teaching group had just ended right when I got here and it was time to start contacting again. It seems like I always do that though hahaha. We did find some really solid potentials though and there are a few referral families I am excited to work with, so there is plenty to do here. One funny thing though about this week was early this morning we decided to go play some basket ball at the church and run to get there.... I am 100% positive I have lost any talent that I once had before the mission.... With any sport. Haha. I just got tired quick and made a fool of myself on the court. I don´t even wanna know what has happened to my Halo and Guitar Hero skills.... It is gonna be ugly. It did feel really good to run again though and I hope to get back into it when I get back home.

I really can´t think of what else to talk about.... As for a Christmas package the first things that came to mind were Got2BGlued hair gel and Beef Jerky. Both would be greatly enjoyed. I would ask for more books (Doctrines of Salvation I, II, III) but once again I am scared my bags will weigh too much because of all the books I have read. I have read over 20 books in my mission about gospel topics and that is not including the Standard Works. I love how much I have learned... I sometimes try to write it to you guys during my e-mails but I just can´t get it to sound right yet.... The Church is true though, that is all you need to know. :) I have to get going though cause Big Mac has to pack his bags and cut his hair still. I love you all and I am still blown away by that 7,000 missionary applications this past week. So cool. RY, be really excited. Have you already started your papers?? Just remember, you can´t leave until after May 15th 2013. Like a week after that I think I will let you go though :) Stay Sweet!!

Elder Big Deal

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