Tuesday, October 9, 2012

"Spiritually tired........and sick"

Wow. That is honestly the only way I can really start this letter out. So much happened this week, here in the mish, at home, and in the world. I am so stinkin happy about it all too, but I am so spiritually beat.... I love this feeling though so much! My week here was pretty off the wall again. We had a leadership meeting Tuesday in MaceiĆ³ so we went in Monday night and didn´t get back here till Tuesday night. The meeting was so awesome though. I honestly love Pres. Gonzaga so much. We talked about so many great leadership qualities and attributes and just had a really spiritual meeting. It was also really funny too. He is a bit more relaxed around the leaders in the mission and when he wants to be he is so funny. I also liked being around the other leaders because everyone is excited and focused on the work and I just get tons of new tips and advice that I can´t wait to apply in my own areas.

When we finally came back here I went on splits with the ZL´s to do some baptismal interviews for them. I legit had no time in my own area this week because I did over 6 interviews all over the city. The hard part about it was is I had a cold as well. I think I got it from someone in the leadership training. It is really hard to focus and feel the Spirit when you are sniffing and coughing the whole time, but I know that the Lord helped me with every single one of those interviews. I was pretty miserable though, but it was so worth it. The part that made it the hardest was just walking everywhere.  I was tired enough just being sick, but walking a ton didn´t help. So worth it though once again! 

Now let´s talk about Conference. I am going to answer your questions right now and then talk a little bit more about it if I still have more to say.

I am curious how much conference you got to watch, when, and where?  Did you watch w/investigators or members or other missionaries? I watched every session this time... and in English! Hooray!! I watched them all in the Stake Center and at the normal Brazilian times. I watched them in a separate room because I watched in English with another American missionary.... and we didn´t have any gators come :(

What talk did you enjoy the most? That is a toughy... I loved the "Ask the Missionaries" by L. Tom Perry because after we were making a lot of jokes like, "Need a wingman? Don´t ask the missionaries!" or "Need a break? Ask the missionaries and they will buy you a Twix!" I also really enjoyed Elder Holland's talk and Elder Bednar's. 

How do you feel about the new age guidelines for missionaries? The coolest thing ever. In Brasil young men could already leave being 18 because here they have required military service and you can opt out by doing missionary work. Yay! for the Army of God! Also for the sisters, I can´t wait to see how that will turn out. I thought of Ryley before anyone else of course, but I wanna talk to her about that personally :)

How do you feel about the reality that your little sis could possibly be leaving on a mission soon after you return from your mission? The coolest and craziest thought ever. My only thing is... I wanna see her before she goes... Not that I don´t miss you guys too, but, I have been missing Ry so much lately... I am like tearing up as I write this.

What do you wish you would have known or how do you wish you would have been better prepared to serve on your mission? Read Preach My Gospel and study the principles it teaches. That manual is pure revelation. Doctrine of Elder Guzy right here: The spirits in the Spirit World are doing the same work we are doing here and Preach My Gospel is exactly how they do the work there...and they baptize a lot of people if you didn´t know :)

What do you wish you could do better now? Obedience. It is so much easier to be obedient from the start than have to change and repent later. Breaking habits is rough!  

What is preventing you from doing that?
Haha I could give a million excuses, but the answer is just making myself commit.

Is there any sort of Halloween celebration in Brazil? Nope! When I was here last year they did nothing and in the part of Brazil I am in there is even less of a chance of activities. :( 

Describe your new area and a typical day of missionary work there. Hahaha walk a lot. It mostly depends on our week. Like this coming week we are going to be finding new people mostly. We just left a big teaching group that wasn´t progressing and now it is back to knocking door and getting referrals.

Name 3 things you have learned from your new companion. Humility in teaching; real heart-felt prayer, and how to flush the toilet in our house!

Name something in addition to your language that you have learned and applied as a missionary that you couldn't or didn't do before. Hmmmm the importance of converting people to the Gospel and the Church. Not to the goofy American kid teaching them about it.

How have your prayers changed and improved since you've been a full-time missionary? Hahaha So so so so much! One reason being the book "Drawing on the Powers of Heaven" I feel like my prayers are no longer the same thing every night but real conversations with Heavenly Father.

What aspect of your mission is more difficult than you anticipated? Bringing people to church.... I won´t comment on that again. 

What part is easier than you anticipated? I dunno about this one. Missionary work is just hard in general. But I am going to have to say finding new people to teach. At least for my mission. There are people everywhere and always waiting to here the good word.

Well I just got a call that I am getting Emergency Transferred so I am going to wrap this up quick.... Yeah I legit just got off the phone with the ZL´s. Gotta love missionary life. I have no idea where I am going or what is going to happen. I really liked my.... 4 weeks here in this area and I hope the new guy treats it well. I am kinda... weirded out right now. I love you all and I am glad Conference was an inspiring time for everyone. Stay sweet.... 

Elder Big Deal

P.S. Did you guys hear Pres. Eyrings joke about Rexburg?? " I was asked to move from California... to Rexburg Idaho...." I was laughing so hard. I miss Idaho!!

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