Monday, October 15, 2012

"Zoned Out"

Sounds like the ward "survived" the big changes and to be honest, I am excited that I will pretty much be coming back to the same ward that I left. I have noticed that out here... how much I really love the ward I have back at home. I will miss calling it, "the 10th ward", but now our ward just sounds like a bigger deal. Which I am fine with :)
I am sure you all have questions about where I am now and things, actually I know you do because Mom sent me a huge list. So I will answer her questions, then fill in the blanks a little bit after :)

Soooooooo where did you get transferred? I am now a Zone Leader in Boa Vista. It is back in MaceiĆ³ and I can see the coastline in pretty much any part of my area!

Why? Still not a hundred percent sure on this one because the other elder who was here before was doing really well with my current comp. Maybe the area just needed a change... I am not sure.

What are you doing there? I am a ZL now which is a whole new bear to wrestle. I had to give a zone meeting my second day here and most of the zone didn´t even know there was a transfer. I love it though and we have three really strong districts here and a lot of good elders. There are no sisters here because this area is a bit more dangerous.

Who is your new comp and where is he from? My new comp is an American (really weird being with an American again, it has been almost a year), named Chase McCloskey from Provo Utah and he is awesome. We get along really great already and he is helping me get the hang of things. He has two transfers left and has a chance of getting transfered this next week because we have real transfers now.  

Are you living w/other elders? Yesh! One Brazilian who is training a brand new American misionary!! Oh my heck I love it. I have never been around a fresh greenie American and oh boy is it a hoot!  

What is your new area like? (walking a lot still, or in the city using public transportation? Hahaha dangerous. I saw a guy get hit by a car Saturday. It is also really beautiful because we can see the ocean from pretty much anywhere. We work with a branch that is growing quite rapidly, which is neat. They are really baptism focused, so this area is gonna be fun!

In all honestly that pretty much sums up what I had to tell you all this week... I am loving the new area and trying to learn it as quickly as possible because in reality McCloskey will probably get transfered next week. He already has three in this area and has already spent six months in just one area. I don´t think Pres would do that to him again. I am going to miss him though, if he does get transferred. I don´t know how to explain it. but we just got along so well and so quickly. I call him Mike Wasowski (Monsters Inc.) Sometimes :)
Ryley, I wanna hear about your mission ideas and when you can actually start putting your papers in. I am honestly so excited for you.I know so many other young women who are just stoked to get started and helping in the work. These sister missionaries will do so many miracles... I just know it! 

I hope you guys had a great week traveling, some of you, and the rest was just nice and relaxed. What Conference talks did you all like the most?? Stay sweet....

Elder Big Deal

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