Tuesday, October 30, 2012

"Halloween Tree"

I am just laughing here in my seat right now thinking about all of you watching Garfeild Halloween. That is honestly one of the best traditions ever if you ask me. That scary old pirate guy who steals their candy is for sure one of the funniest characters ever. Did you also get around to watching Halloween Tree?? I was thinking about that movie the other day and I don´t even have anyone near me to quote it with... What a shame.
On the other hand though, this week was ridiculous. Lately it seems all my weeks are ridiculous. I honestly am just so busy I don´t even have time to think straight. I love it though, because I honestly feel so focused. I feel like I am just always thinking about some deep gospel topic or some better way to make contacts and inspired questions. It is a good feeling to have. The week was busy because one, I got my new comp. I am going to answer Mom´s awesome questions right now then fill in the blanks later.

What's your new comp's name and where is he from, how long has he been out, etc? His name is Roberto Pájaro and he is from São Paulo. He has been out a year and 6/7 months. (The transfer before mine) and he is a blast. We have been friends for awhile because he worked in the mission office for 7 1/2 months and I got to know him really well because I called him a lot when I was in Viçosa and for other things. We are just having a blast together. It is nice to be back with another Brazilian too.

Have you had any people be more interested in the Church because of the exposure due to the US Presidential election? Not really. I don´t even know anything about the election. People ask me if I would vote for him and I just say " I have no idea what is going on there anymore so I dunno" Hahaha

We had some great conversations at the missionary  mom lunch earlier this week.  Is there anything you want me to say to them or ask them or share with them? Obviously tell them that I am a Big Deal. :D Really though just tell them that I am Brazilian and that I miss my friends a lot but I feel so cool knowing that I have a friend working every single hour of the day in the work of the Lord. I can´t believe Jake and Jordan are home... B-MILL is next!!

What do you like best about this new area? It is a branch with a lot of young people. I feel like I am back in Viçosa a bit and Viçosa is where I believe I grew up the most as a missionary and person. My comp is also the bees knees.

What is most different about this area compared to your other areas? I can see the beach and lots of airplanes.... Those kinda trunk me out though. There are also more then 30 different churches just on one road here... It is like Utah but not all of them are the same.... and true.

What's your weather like now? Hot. Really really hot.
What's your apartment situation, (number of missionaries, location etc)? We have one other companionship with us and the house is great. Really clean, a alot of space, two bathrooms/showers, and lots of lizards.

If I were to send one book, what would you like it to be? Hahaha oh boy this is a tough one.... Is temple and Cosmos a big book? I just worried about the weight is all. Maybe Doctrines of salvation 2 or The Pathway to Perfection by Joseph Fielding Smith.... or The Miracle of Forgiveness.

Well those questions pretty much just wrote my whole e-mail for me. We had our baptism for this week fall through again, which was really a bummer. I spent over an hour with her talking about the benefits and blessings of the Church, but she still didn´t quite understand the importance of baptism. That just shows there is still room for improvement with my teaching skills... I am really excited to get to know this Brazilian lady who lives in our ward. Do you know if she still speaks Portuguese?? Where did she live if she lived here in Brasil?? What team does she cheer for?

I better get going. I still have tons to do and very little time... It kills me how in the start of the mission it felt like the days would never end and now they end way too quickly..... I just gotta make it last that is all. I will get that picture for you soon Mom sorry!! Love you and stay fly! :)

Elder Big Deal

P.S. Did Danger make an awesome Micheal Jackson joke about the Thriller performance?? I can´t tell you how much I miss his jokes... Danger you would be a hit here in Brasil just to let you know.

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