Monday, July 23, 2012


So I am trying to decide if I want to send you guys the picture of the baptism this week or not.... I will explain why. I got my hair cut this week and it was..... an experience that I won´t be able to forget for at least six weeks... because by then I will probably have hair again. Yeah, I got completely buzzed and it is ridiculous. It is mostly my fault because I wanted it short but not this short. But... it will grow back fast though, right? I am just bugged because everyone is making jokes now that I am in the "Army of the Lord" or silly jokes like that.... I will get them all back somehow.. I am trying to get the picture to send but the card reader you guys sent is getting bad I think. I can buy another one here for super cheap so don´t worry.

Other then the whole hair issue, we had a pretty busy week here. We had an awesome baptism on Saturday of a women named Maria Quiteria and she is so rad. Her 17 year old son was baptized right before we came into the area and he actually ended up baptizing her and it was a really cool night. They both were just so happy and so ready for it. Her son's name is John and he is super smart about the Gospel already. We took him out on splits with us this last week and we honestly almost let him teach by himself. He is going to be a sweet missionary someday and is already seriously preparing for it. I want to get him a copy of PMG so he can study that. I am sure we have one lying around the house somewhere. The ZL´s who live with us also baptized this week so I spent a lot of time in the area doing baptism interviews and those are quickly becoming one of my favorite things to do. It is so awesome to see the testimonies of these people and how they respond with so much conviction to all the questions. I love it.

We also had a pretty niffty little experience on Sunday. We are teaching this young woman who is a member of an evangelical church here and she invited us to go to a Bible study with her early Sunday morning. It was really pretty interesting and the people there were really nice. We went there just to learn and listen but in the end we had a little bit of time to talk about what we believe and we just bore our testimonies simply. We actually ended up talking with the Pastor after for like ten minutes as well and he said some really good things about the work missionaries do. All in all it was fun except one thing.... our gator who invited us totally bailed on us later that day to come to church with us! Ah! Hahaha maybe my bald head scared her away. We are gonna keep teaching her of course, but I was pretty bummed out when she didn´t show. She is an awesome girl though. She really understands the Bible really well and she listens with real intent. She isn´t just listening because we are talking, she is listening because she wants to learn and it rocks.

So what do you guys want to hear more about? Day to day stuff or what? I am not really sure what to write because the day to day stuff you all know how it is. Just give me a few ideas so I can actually write letters with a bit more substance. I hope you guys are liking the letters though. I am sorry that I don´t have the picture in this e-mail but it will come I promise. Just don´t get mad at me Mom..... and Eliza.... Hahahaha I love you all so much and hope you had a great week and everyone was safe. I miss you all!!! Stay sweet...

Elder Big Deal

P.S. The mission has a FB page now if you wanna check it out and see pics of the mission. the name is; Missão Brasil Maceió. It is most likely in Portuguese but I think Google Chrome has a "Gift of Tongues" application so you guys can change it to English.

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