Monday, July 16, 2012

"My Head is Going to Explode.........."

So... In all honesty I have no idea how to even start this e-mail. I just got done reading all of yours and I will admit I am very sad that Grandpa Dale passed away. I don´t really have too many outstanding memories with him, but I do remember that with me at least, he was always pleasant and always had some little funny thing to teach me. Weird things that aren´t even important but things I haven´t forgotten for some reason. Like I said a few e-mails back, he was also one there at my baptism. I will really miss him but I know that the Plan of Salvation is such a real thing and I know that there is more after this life. I sound like such a missionary what is this? Haha I did also get the e-mail from Mom and I feel a little left out.... but I am over it. I am also here to talk with any of you if you want as well. :) 

This week was a pretty solid week here in Aracaju. We mostly just knocked a lot of doors and tried to find new people to teach so there isn´t really anything too exciting there. We did have a big blessing yesterday of a family coming to church with us. It is a family we honestly found in our first contact here in the area and finally came to church. They really liked it but we didn´t have a lot of time to talk to them because we had interviews with the Pres yesterday! We are planning on going there tonight and marking their baptisms though... So pumped :)

My interview with Pres. Gonzaga was awesome this time around. It finally felt like it was a conversation with him and I could actually get my thoughts out instead of being all jumbled up. It was good talking to him though. He burned me a bit on some stuff that in reality I know I need to be better at. He just gave me a little fire to get started. We actually talked about marriage for a lot of the time too.. It was funny yet weird at the same time because I just feel like I am actually growing up now.... He really just likes to talk with his missionaries and would always have interviews if he could. I am already excited for the next one.

That pretty much sums things up here on my end though. I am still here and happy but I am missing the family a bit more than usual right now. It is normal though around this time so it is all good :) I hope everything works out with all the trips and things this week and everyone is safe in their travels. Ry, I am stoked that you loved Utah State and are ready to go up there. You really have such a great chance in front of you. I wish you all an awesome week with tons and tons of blessings. I love you all so much... stay fly...

Elder Big Deal

P.S. I am looking for fun District Meeting ideas, do you have any? And I forgot the USb thing to send pictures again.. Sorry :(

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