Monday, July 9, 2012

"Small World......"

That is awesome about Lindsay knowing Elder Gage! The world really is such a small place when you are a member of the Church. He is an awesome missionary and a super hard worker. We get along really well and in reality the whole house does. It is fun that our house is a focused house. We all like to do the work, but then at the same time we know how to laugh and be friends with each other, not just four elders living in the same house. On the topic of small world though, Mom, you might be getting a call here pretty soon from a lady who lives in West Jordan. We were at church yesterday and we had a Brazilian lady who grew up here, but now lives in Utah, visit us. She is really nice and speaks both English and Portuguese well. It is funny though, because she now has an American accent when she speaks Portuguese and she was impressed by how I almost sound Brazilian. One day I will get there. But she took a few pictures with me and asked for your number, so just be ready for that alright? Crud... I forgot her name. Hahahaha

This week was honestly just an average missionary week. We had some cool things happen and some lame things go down. We had marked about 10 people to come to church with us.. all of them but 1 fell through. I am just getting tired of hearing the same excuses all the time. I just don't understand how everyone in our area can have a birthday every Sunday or something like that. It just kills me, but it is all a part of the process right? I just get bugged because these amazing people don´t understand the blessings that are waiting for them at church. The spirit they will feel there really will be so much better than any party they could go to. Yeah I know I am not the best example of this too before the mission, but now I am seeing the importance of church. I just get bugged because I really do just love these people... And seeing them not get the blessings Heavenly Father has in store for them just bums me out ya know?!

We also had a really long discussion this week with a man from another religion. It was interesting because I can honestly say this is the first time when it was a talk, not a battle, with a person like him on doctrine. It was really neat to actually sit down and understand a little more about why he believes what he believes. It also was a big testimony builder of how true the Church really is. The Gospel of Jesus Christ isn´t something that should be confusing or really difficult to understand. Heavenly Father wants us to be happy, that is why he gave us the Gospel how it is. Simple. The Gospel of Christ includes 5 simple things we need to do to be happy. Yeah those five things can be difficult at times, but if it was all happy-go-lucky, what would we learn? All in all, I love the Gospel of Christ and I am so grateful that it was really restored by a prophet who was called of God. He didn´t decide to be a prophet one day, he was literally called and chosen of God.

It sounds like everyone had a good week back at home and things are still going well. Tan I loved the video you sent and she is adorable... I love her already :) I am glad no one got caught on fire during the fourth of July and I hope the hamburgers were delicious! We didn´t do anything here because... it isn´t a holiday and I am a Brazilian now so.... Yeah! Have another great week and I hope you all know that I am happy and healthy here and that this mission is a blast!

Elder Big Deal!

The picture is the face I make when I think about eternity, hence the looking at the watch. And good luck at SOAR Ry!!!!!!!!

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