Thursday, July 5, 2012

"Capitao Guzzao"

So I don´t know if it is revelation or just our family being really goofy, but it seems to me like everyone was getting super rad nicknames this past week. I am still just crackin up over Dangers, I mean, "DAVID BRUCE GUZY- MASTER OF THE UNIVERSE!"  Hahahaha It only fits my dad and that is for sure. But I will be honest Mom, I love the nickname "ZZ" for you. I think it will be perfect :) I also got a knew nickname this week hence the subject line and I will explain more about it later. It sounds like this past week was a blast for everyone and finally a little bit of relaxation time which is much needed for you guys right? Do you guys wanna share some of that time with me? It would be really really cool... I am glad camp went well and everyone liked the America tribute. You will have to show it to me when I get back or else I think I will just stay Brazilian forever! Happy birthday to Ian as well. I really hope you are finally out of your training pants! :) I was talking with someone about Harry Potter for some reason during this week and I remembered "Potter Puppet Pals" and when Harry says, "Lose some weight before you hug me Ron", and I just started laughing so hard. Good times on Sunday afternoons with the fam!

This week here was a pretty normal average week. But overall was a good week. It is still a bit of a struggle opening the area but it is getting better now that we know the ward members more and our way around at least. One fun thing about this past week was I gave my first district meeting... And I feel like I completely bombed. The other members of the district said I did fine and they liked the training, but I still have a few little problems with the language. Like when it is me talking for a long time I forget what tense I am in sometimes and stuff like that. It will get better though :) I gave the training on working hard every day and not just working for that day. We are working that day so that in two weeks that person we contacted or that lesson we taught can be baptized. It was fun and the district helped a lot. 

I have been thinking a lot lately about how a mission changes after the year mark. Not that there really is a major change, but some differences do come. The first like year of a mission is seriously almost just getting used to the life style, learning how to teach, learning a language, or stuff like that. And it is a really difficult part of the mission for sure. But I think the second half of the mish is difficult in different ways because by then you know how to do all those things. The second year seems to be dealing with a lot more things like dealing with temptations to break rules and getting over trunkiness and stuff like that. Really enduring to the end ya know? I dunno if this is right but these are just some of the feelings and thoughts I have been having. That was my little rant for the week but now I think I will answer those questions Mom sent.
Questions to be answered:  

How does your new area most differ from your other areas? It is hard to get people to go to church here because it is far away. The Church has land here to build a chapel closer, but we just need more members now... That is my job right? 

What is the best thing about being a DL? I love making the calls every Thursday and Sunday night. It is a blast to just talk with my district and hear their needs and funny stories of the week.   

What is the worst thing about being a DL? So far, teaching district meetings alone. I just don´t like teaching alone anymore. There is so much more power when two people are teaching. It is like the Bible and the BOM. One is good but the two together are amazing.

What new food have you tried recently? Honestly, nothing new really. The food here is always just the same. We did make hot chocolate this past week and it was so delicious. It was raining a ton but it made me so Christmas trunky... Hahaha 

Are there any sisters in your district? Yesh! There is on companionship and they are great. One is a fairly new sister who just got finished working in Feitosa, my first area, and so we are always talking about the members and work there.  

How do the members help you most w/missionary work? That is one thing about this ward that is amazing. They are extremely missionary minded. The youth love to do splits with us and we are legit trying to plan time for all of them. They are good teachers and helpers too. The ward mission leader is very focused as well and is fairly new so he is pumped to get started. 

What can you tell us about your new comp? He is rad. He is honestly just like O-lex. He is from the most Southern part of Brasil and he loves to long board and is just a very relaxed kinda person. He is a great teacher and is honestly ready to be a senior already I just kinda help him make decisions. He is a big blessing actually.  

How about the other elders you're living with? They are awesome. Elder Costa is from the same place as my comp and he is one of my best friends in the mission. He helped me out a lot when he was my DL is Viçosa and is just really funny. His companion is Elder Gage from Washington and he is cool too. He went to BYU before the mission and has yet to be converted to the true college in Utah... It will all come with time :)

And that brings us to now! Hahaha I hope you all have another great week and just know... I really am just dying to hold little Hazel. She looks adorable in the pictures and I know my time will come to play with her. But until then I will just stay happy here in this amazingly beautiful country that I honestly think I grew up in secretly... I love you all so so much and will keep you in my prayers. Stay sweet!

Elder Capitão Guzzão ( That is what my district calls me... I am not sure why...)

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